Health Fitness Corporation| Corporate Fitness Solutions for Everyone

History:  Health Fitness Corporation, also known as Trustmark Health Fitness Corporation, was founded in 1978 by Jerry Noyce and Glenn Reschke. It started as a corporate fitness company offering health promotion services to institutions and organizations. Over the years, its services expanded to include health management solutions such as screening, education, coaching, etc. Throughout its … Read more

What Is Health Care Management? A Career Guide

Health Care Management

History of health care management: The health care management department was one of the oldest, very different, and most important in the health field. The first class of MBA students was held in 1971, the department was the department of educating healthcare executives within the management of the business school, breaking the culture of public … Read more

Understanding the Affordable Care Act | What is the ACA

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is abbreviated as (ACA) and it is also known as Obamacare. President Barack Obama presented this act on March 23, 2010. This was implemented after its passage in 2010. This act concentrates on Consumer Protection, Affordability, Preventive care, and Quality improvement of healthcare in the United States. What is the Affordable … Read more

5 Health-related Fitness Components

5 Health-related Fitness Components

Introduction 5 Health-related Fitness Components, In the bustling rhythm of modern life, losing sight of what truly matters: our health and well-being is easy. Yet, amidst the chaos, understanding the core components of fitness can be our guiding light toward a balanced, vibrant life. These aren’t just abstract concepts; they support our vitality, resilience, and … Read more