The 75 Soft Challenge: A Sustainable Path to Health and Fitness

In the world of fitness challenges, the 75 Soft Challenge stands out as a more accessible alternative to the intense 75 Hard Challenge. This challenge promotes lasting habits without overwhelming participants, making it a popular choice for those seeking a balanced approach to health and wellness. This comprehensive guide explores the 75 Soft Challenge, its benefits, and practical tips to help you succeed.

75 soft challenge

What is the 75 Soft Challenge?

The 75 Soft Challenge is a 75-day program focusing on fitness and wellness through sustainable daily habits. Unlike the more rigorous 75 Hard Challenge, the 75 Soft Challenge is designed to be flexible and attainable for a broader audience. It involves daily commitments in four key areas:

  1. Exercise: Get in 45 minutes a day of physical activity. 
  2. Nutrition: Follow a healthy diet with room for occasional treats.
  3. Hydration: Drink at least three liters of water daily.
  4. Personal Development: Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book each day.

The Rules of the 75 Soft Challenge

  1. Exercise for 45 Minutes Daily: This can be any type of physical activity, such as walking, yoga, strength training, or cardio.
  2. Follow a Healthy Diet: Focus on making healthier food choices while allowing for occasional indulgences.
  3. Hydrate with Three Liters of Water Daily: Staying properly hydrated supports overall health and well-being.
  4. Read 10 Pages of Non-Fiction Daily: This promotes personal growth and continuous learning.

Flexibility and Accessibility

The 75 Soft Challenge is designed to be flexible, making it suitable for people with different fitness levels and lifestyles. It encourages consistent effort and gradual improvement rather than demanding perfection.

Benefits of the 75 Soft Challenge

Sustainable Habits

One of the primary benefits of the 75 Soft Challenge is its focus on creating habits that are realistic and maintainable long-term. This approach helps prevent burnout and promotes lasting lifestyle changes.

Improved Physical Health

Regular exercise and proper hydration are essential for physical health. By committing to 45 minutes of daily exercise and drinking three liters of water, you can improve cardiovascular health, build strength, enhance flexibility, and support overall bodily functions.

Enhanced Mental Health

Reading and personal development activities significantly contribute to mental well-being. The daily reading requirement encourages lifelong learning, reduces stress, and promotes mental stimulation. Additionally, regular physical activity is known to reduce anxiety and depression, boosting overall mood.

Balanced Nutrition

Following a healthy diet without stringent restrictions allows you to enjoy a variety of foods while making mindful choices. This balanced approach prevents the feeling of deprivation often associated with strict diets, making it easier to stick to healthy eating habits.

Increased Accountability

The 75 Soft Challenge fosters accountability. Sharing your progress with friends, and family, or through social media can create a support system that motivates you to stay committed and inspired throughout the challenge.

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Tips for Successfully Completing the 75 Soft Challenge

Plan Ahead

Planning is crucial for success. Outline your meals, workouts, and reading schedule in advance. Meal planning can save you time while also ensuring that you have nutritious options readily available.

Track Your Progress

Keeping a journal or using a fitness app to track your daily activities can help you stay accountable. Record your workouts, water intake, meals, and pages read to monitor your progress and stay motivated.

Find a Support System

Engage with others who are also participating in the 75 Soft Challenge. Friends, family, or an online group can all provide encouragement and accountability. 

Mix Up Your Workouts

To prevent boredom and overuse injuries, vary your workouts. Incorporate different types of exercise such as cardio, strength training, flexibility exercises, and outdoor activities. This variety will keep your routine interesting and well-rounded.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking three liters of water daily can be challenging, especially if you’re not used to it. Carry a water bottle with you and set reminders to drink throughout the day. Adding a piece of lemon or cucumber can improve the taste of your water. 

Choose Enjoyable Reads

Select books that genuinely interest you to make the reading component enjoyable. Whether it’s self-improvement, history, or a topic you’re passionate about, engaging content will make it easier to stick to the daily reading goal.

75 soft challenge

Allow Flexibility

While consistency is key, it’s important to be flexible. Life happens, and some days may not go as planned. If you miss a workout or indulge more than intended, don’t get discouraged. Adjust and continue the challenge without being too hard on yourself.

Celebrate Small Wins

Recognize and appreciate your accomplishments, no matter how minor. Whether it’s completing a week of workouts, finishing a book, or consistently hitting your water intake goal, recognizing these achievements can boost motivation and confidence.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Time Management

Finding time for daily exercise, reading, and meal preparation can be challenging. To overcome this, integrate these activities into your daily routine. Schedule your workouts like appointments, read during breaks or before bed, and prepare meals in bulk to save time.

Staying Motivated

Motivation can wane over time. To stay motivated, create short-term goals and reward yourself for achieving them. Visualizing your long-term benefits and remembering why you started can also reignite your motivation.

Social Pressures

Social events and gatherings can make it difficult to stick to a healthy diet and routine. Plan by eating a healthy meal before events, bringing your snacks, or making mindful choices from available options. Communicating your goals to friends and family can also help them support your journey.


What is the 75 Soft Challenge?

The 75 Soft Challenge is a 75-day fitness and wellness program designed to help individuals create sustainable, healthy habits. It involves daily commitments to exercise, nutrition, hydration, and personal development.

How is the 75 Soft Challenge different from the 75 Hard Challenge?

The 75 Soft Challenge is a more accessible and flexible version of the 75 Hard Challenge. It requires one 45-minute workout per day instead of two, allows for a more flexible diet, and focuses on sustainable habits rather than strict rules.

Who can participate in the 75 Soft Challenge?

Anyone looking to improve their health and wellness can participate in the 75 Soft Challenge. It is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and can be adapted to fit different lifestyles and schedules.


The 75 Soft Challenge is an excellent way to build sustainable, healthy habits that can lead to lasting improvements in physical and mental well-being. Its flexible and accessible approach makes it suitable for individuals at various fitness levels and lifestyles. By committing to daily exercise, a balanced diet, proper hydration, and personal development, participants can achieve significant progress in just 75 days. Remember to plan, track your progress, and celebrate your achievements along the way. Embrace the journey, and enjoy the positive changes that come with the 75 Soft Challenge.