Human interaction with the environment


Human interaction with the environment, Firstly we discussed the time when men lived in forests and there was no need to show off things, and they took simple food wore simple clothes, and spent life in plants and hunting animals. As time passed, almost 1000 years ago, humans spent life adopting the profession of agriculture, and environmental conditions were good. But as time passed, in the 18th or 19th century the industrial era started humen started to pollute the environment through different industrial products and things. The Environmental situation will be affected by industries.

In the mid-20th century, the environmental degradation process was started due to globalization. But in the 20th and 21st centuries, Environmental conditions started crumbling due to transportation, vehicles, and the Industrial Revolution. In the coming years, human resources and human things will affect the environment more.


The interaction of humans with environmental resources, humans, and natural ingredients, and their impacts on surroundings is termed human-environment interaction.


Our whole surrounding interaction with people or the environment is an example of human interaction with the environment.


Human interaction with the environment is important some factors are discussed here:

  • Health of public
  • Right of education and right of awareness
  • Equality
  • Weather change
  • Health of surrounding
  • Marine lives
  • Global issues

Humans affect the environment:

There are many ways through which humans affect our clean and pure environment. Which few of them are explained below:


The main factor that affects our country, world, and land more badly is deforestation. As we know deforestation refers to the cutting down tree land to start urban life at that place. All this occurs due to humans because the population is increasing day by day so more palaces and houses to live in. That’s why deforestation takes place. the land of trees and forests, highways, factories, and industries are made. That affects our environment badly due to humans.


The formation of industries, factories, and vehicles like cars, motorbikes, and buses, are polluting our environment badly. If a man uses a mode of public transport then it can limit transportation pollution. Humans can affect the air to cause air pollution, which affects the water as a result water pollution increases, and also causes soil pollution. Overall, if pollution is not be stopped then this will affect our environment badly.

Change of climate:

Weather changes are a natural process. But today, due to human efforts there is a hot climate more than cold weather. As human apply a solar panel for their benefit it can have a bad impact on the surroundings and produce global warnings the use of fossils increases emissions and produces an effect on the environment.

Deplete of Fishes:

A depletion of fish can impact marine life or its ecosystem. As human taste increases day by day so do hunting, and fishing, increasing day by day which affects the ecosystem, as these things like fish, and whales are important parts of marine life. But humans have no concern about these aspects.

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Deplete of Resources:

Due to human effects, our natural or synthetic resources are at the edge of depletion clean or fresh water, minerals, substances, petrol by fossils, and depletion of the ozone layer due to heat or solar panels. 

Advantages of environment interaction:

Health and fitness:

Our environment is more than resources. Natural resources are helpful to maintain our life and health and improve physical as well as emotional health. As said Health is Wealth. As our health is good then we can do something, otherwise we are nothing. So, this is necessary to eat fresh food, vegetables, and fresh grains to remain fit.

Human interaction with the environment

Development of Environment:

Human interaction with the environment can cause the development of surroundings, economies, and societies. Humans can develop their ideas through different ideas, and thoughts, and by using techniques.


Human environment interaction with the environment can increase the awareness of the ecosystem and discuss how to increase and develop our areas and ecosystem.


The process of conservation includes maintaining and improving our ecosystem and surroundings. For the development of urban areas, we have to make good relations with others and with environmental resources.

Types of human-environment interaction:

There are four types of human-environment interactions are explained below:

  1. Deforestation
  2. Change of climate 
  3. Natural resources
  4. Renewable resources

Renewable Resources:

Water, pure air, and soil without contamination are all helpful for the development of ecosystems due to human-environment interaction.

Natural Resources:

Taking care of natural resources as necessary due to the environment benefits humans for health and fitness. Natural resources are also advantageous for aquatic life to protect them from human impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

In which ways do humans decrease the environmental impacts?

An individual can decrease the environmental impacts through the protection of natural or synthetic resources, the protection of aquatic life, and protection from contamination of polluted water and air. These factors lead to an increase in different resources and impact health and fitness. 

What type of challenges that can be faced in the future by human-environment interaction?

If human-environment interaction does not improve then we face several challenges in the future water issues, pure air, food protection, and most importantly the development of the ecosystem by humans.

Are policies are applied for human environment interaction?

Yes, policies like to minimize the environmental impacts by humans, like to degradation of pollution and depletion of ozone layers, minimize the use of natural resources, and use in positive ways are helping in human-environment interaction.


Overall, human-environmental interaction can cause our country to be successful because of the protection of various factors like food, water, and other natural resources. Human interaction with the environment can cause negative and positive impacts on ecosystems but most of the time it is advantageous to ecosystems. So, it is necessary to take further steps for a strong relationship with the environment, and humans. 

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