In which ways does exercise affect our environmental health?

What is Health?

Does exercise affect our environmental health? Health is a term that refers to our body’s complete situation or condition. It includes different factors like genetic disorders, inherited problems, and diseases caused due to radiation. There are different types of health including:

  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Social Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Occupational Health

It is important to keep yourself healthy by eating healthy foods, fresh fruits or grains, drinking pure and fresh water, exercising regularly, and having regular checkups. So, it is important to keep yourself healthy for your environment and society and make good relations with each other. 

does exercise affect our environmental health

What is Exercise?

The way to improve and maintain physical health is through exercise. To keep yourself fit and happy it is important to take regular exercise. It manages our heart rate, breathing, and running, removing stress and depression. There are different types of exercise:

  • Yoga
  • Balancing weight exercise
  • Stretching
  • Cycling
  • High intense interval training (HIIT)
  • Strength training
  • Weight lifting
  • Riding
  • running

Exercise keeps us healthy, strong, and active. So, it is important to take exercise regularly to stay active. It not only affects our physical health but it affects mental, emotional, and social health fitness. If we are strong or active we can face any challenges from society or the environment.

What is Environmental Health?

The factors that are affecting our surroundings as well as humans are known as environmental health. It includes different factors including monitoring and controlling the quality of air, the air must be not contaminated it will be fresh air that affects our body’s health. Includes food that we intake must be fresh, the water we drink must be pure, medicines that we take are of good quality or not expired and must take care of physical fitness loke away from injuries or accidents keep us strong mentally as well as good relation with our surrounding environment.

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Does exercise affect health?

According to my point of view, there is a close relationship between exercise and health. If we are regular exercise, do yoga, play games, and keep ourselves active or strong we must stay strong and healthy. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) a man who exercises and manages their fitness, he lives a long and healthy life.

As it is said;

 A Healthy body has a healthy mind.

 Positive impacts of exercise on health:

There are some positive aspects of exercise on health are discussed here as follows:

Stay active and happy:

By doing different types of exercises a man can stay happy and active. If a man is active and happy then there is a positive and advantageous impact on health. He can have a healthy and meaningful life. If he takes exercise he will be out of dress and depression. So, his physical as well as mental health is well-being.

Nature Attraction:

If a man takes or does exercise outdoors then he will ultimately go to the park and stadiums to do yoga, running, and cycling, then he is ultimately attracted to nature. He sees the preservation of green spaces and staying happy and healthy by taking and attracting green spaces and natural things, etc.

does exercise affect our environmental health

Used an active transport:

A man that exercises by running, walking, or cycling can reduce the personal vehicles, and increase other factors of source of vehicles, so it reduces the pollution of smoke. Then a person can stay happy and healthy.

The negative impact of exercise on health:

Everything has positive or as well as negative impacts, some negative impacts of exercise on health are explained below:


When a person goes outdoors to get exercise he faces a negative relationship with transport, smiles of vehicles, smoke arising from the industries, ban pollution our environment can affect our body’s health. It can cause several problems like heart disease, high stress, depression, anxiety, blood pressure issues, etc.

Noise pollution:

The noise that arises from personal and public vehicles and factories produces noise that can affect our noise hearing loss problems, and it causes heart and blood pressure issues, etc.

Resources consumption:

Exercise can include different institutes like parks and gyms that consume space.  That harms humans and their environment.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is exercise important for a healthy life?

Yes, exercise is important for a healthy body to control weight, manage a happy life, and keep yourself active, strong, and stress-free. If a person exercises regularly he keeps himself mentally, emotionally, and socially fit.

What are the advantages of taking exercise on your health?

Regular exercise is very beneficial for body fitness and

  • Decrease the risk of diseases
  • Decrease mental illness
  • Better sleeping quality
  • Weight loss
  • Take fresh air and eat fresh food
  • Manage energy level
  • Manage mood swings

Does exercise affect mental health?

Due to exercise, we must stay happy, strong, stress-free, and free of worries and depression, which directly affect our mental or emotional health. If a man is free from these factors he stays happy and free of diseases. If a man is free of emotional health then he will live more healthily and stay happy.


Health is more important for any person. If a man is a healthy fit then he can do anything. If a man is not healthy then he cannot do anything. Then he fails in every step and every challenge of life. So it is important to take regular exercise to remain fit or healthy. Exercise like running, cycling, walking, playing games like cricket, tennis, badminton, and football, and going to the gym, to remain fit and happy emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially, etc.

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