Occupational health – Overview

Overview: Occupational health | As we know, the Industrial Era started in the nineteenth 19th, or 20th centuries. During working in industries workers get injuries and injuries are fatal to health. In the 20th century, diseases like lung cancer, lack of breathiness, and cancer, originate these diseases.  While working in industries or factories chemical exposure, … Read more

How does physical health affect your social health?

What is physical Health? How does physical health affect your social health? A term refers to the complete fitness of the body we gain through good naps, a fully nutrient diet, regular exercise, and visiting healthcare sectors for regular checkups. Physical health plays a crucial role in living a good life. If we are mentally … Read more

The 75 Soft Challenge: A Sustainable Path to Health and Fitness

In the world of fitness challenges, the 75 Soft Challenge stands out as a more accessible alternative to the intense 75 Hard Challenge. This challenge promotes lasting habits without overwhelming participants, making it a popular choice for those seeking a balanced approach to health and wellness. This comprehensive guide explores the 75 Soft Challenge, its … Read more

Science Translational Medicine

History: The American Association for the Advancement of Science launched the biomedical journal Science Translational Medicine in October 2009. It publishes scientific, biological, translational, and clinical studies on human disorders. Early examples of translational medicines include herbal remedies. The middle of the 20th century saw the successful study of vaccinations and antibiotics. In the late … Read more

Environmental Health And Safety

History: During the Medieval period, America took an interest in health and safety for workers, to force the law about occupational health and safety. The acronym for environmental health and safety is EHS. During the Ancient era, Romans implement the awareness of health issues like clean water, and healthy grains. During the early 20th century … Read more