Environmental Health And Safety


During the Medieval period, America took an interest in health and safety for workers, to force the law about occupational health and safety. The acronym for environmental health and safety is EHS. During the Ancient era, Romans implement the awareness of health issues like clean water, and healthy grains. During the early 20th century the United States organized public health Safety in 1906. Then, in 1948 Donaro worked on the quality of air and water for good health and safety. Then during the middle of the 20th century in the 1960s and 1970s the danger of insecticides and pesticides on environmental effects and change. In 1970 Stockholm created a UNEP for ecological health and efforts. At the beginning of the 21st century, the United States worked on global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, and biological and chemical safety. In the modern era, EHS is helping to provide different technologies like data analytics, to monitor the environmental change that affects health and well-being.

Environmental Health And Safety


For organizations that prioritize people’s health and safety, EHS is an essential component. It contributes to both occupational and environmental protection by preventing various diseases. It refers to the focus on protecting the environment and several aspects of the environment that affect it. It mainly focuses on the elements of the environment human protection and depend on the quality of fresh water.

Purpose of Environmental Health and Safety:

As implied by the name, environmental health and safety management is responsible for ensuring workers’ health and safety at work. It gives stamina to the team to work against accidents, other diseases, etc. The crucial role that EHS plays in the environment is for the benefit of humans and their fitness—the main role of EHS is to provide all environmental safety factors that affect all citizens.

Importance of EHS:

EHS plays an important role in the framework of industries and organizations, for regulatory compliance, environmental protection, the safety of employees, human well-being, management of risks, moral productivity of workers, the brand’s reputation, and the main factor is cost savings, etc.

Responsibility of EHS:

Environmental health and safety has the following various responsibilities: 

Risks of management:

It includes managing workplace activities like techniques, procedures, and appliances, to manage and decrease the risk of management. If the management team works best, prevent several accidents and protect the health and fitness of workers.

Health and fitness organizations:

To start health and safety organizations. It helps the companies to reduce the risk of safety issues for the employees and the workers. Through this step, the company is answerable to their owners about health and safety issues of workers about appliances, procedures, techniques, and another environmental factors.

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Improvement and Implementation:

They must perform better for both employers and employees.To make new policies that are beneficial for the organizations and companies. It is not only to create new ideas but is also required to implement those ideas that are helping you in your future for the organizations and their employees.


It is necessary to make a relationship with your employees to communicate with them freely on any discussion topics. It is a big responsibility of environmental health and safety management teams to make good communication between employees and organizations, it helps the progress of the organizations and companies.

Types of EHS:

A few types are explained below

  1. Product safety management
  2. Environmental protection from accidents and incidents
  3. Safety of transport regulations
  4. Fire precautions regulation

Advantages of EHS:

Several advantages of environmental health and safety are as follows:

Saving a cost:

Precautions from accidents, and injuries, can decrease the cost of medical, and legal fees, workers’ lives, and their time.


If a worker gets the victim of an accident, if he is not well and he comes to do their work then your staff may not work better, if your staff is fit then you will get good feedback, and performance will be good. So, providing them with good medical camps and refreshments is important.

Environmental Health And Safety

Higher good staff:

The boss needs to select employees interested in the job and who perform well, not those who want the job for money. If the staff is good and highly educated, the organization must do its best and provide good safety rules for health that are affected by the environment.

The reputation of the brand:

Provide positive feedback to the viewers like stakeholders, investors who invest in your organizations, and customers. It is possible when an organization provides a good environment that affects the surroundings, provides safety rules, and provides good medical health appliances and doctors consultants, etc.

Disadvantages of EHS:

Disadvantages include:

  • High costs
  • Complexity
  • Financial risks
  • Technological difficulties
  • Management communication
  • Impact on business
  • Not so Qualified staff

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

How many components of EHS?

There are three main components of EHS Environmental protection, Health occupational, And Safety Management.

What are the pieces of training required for the EHS program?

EHS includes training on health effects, needed for those who are practiced for public health issues and who maintain critical situations, etc.

What safety does the EHS include?

Environmental Health and Safety programs must include health issues, chemical issues, and environmental factors that disturb or attract people towards them.

Results of EHS:

In conclusion, The EHS is a crucial part of any organization or any workplace. Its implementation can decrease the risks of accidents and incidents and it may help organizations for the betterment of workers, employees, customers, and investors. It may provide good health to the employees, and give ideas on how to run a small or a large scale business through providing all opportunities of surrounding, and all health incidents, etc. Additionally, the main task of EHS is to provide Occupational health and environmental health and to provide a good aspect through which the staff may work better and improve their performance for the organization.

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